Welcome to shad-base.com, a unique space where creativity and originality flourish. Our mission is to deliver lewds to a diverse audience looking for something genuinely different.

At shad-base.com, we pride ourselves on our independence and our commitment to fostering a community where everyone can find something they love. We believe in creating and sharing content that stands out for its quality and originality.

It’s important to us that our visitors understand who we are—and just as importantly, who we are not. We are an independent entity, operating with our own set of values and creative direction. We want to make it clear that we are not affiliated with shadbase.com or the artist known as Shadman in any way. We are simply aiming to rebuild the memories we once shared and continue on the work of the one who came before us.

On a personal note, shadman, if you see this, if you ever want us to shutdown please reach out. We want to continue on in your style and maintain a living memorial to your work, we seek to make no profit and will not accept any money. If you ever wish us to shutdown we will.

Thank you for choosing shad-base.com. We’re excited to have you with us on this journey and can’t wait to share all the incredible things we have in store. Dive in and discover what makes us truly unique!

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