What if Bruce Wayne was a girl?

Her Daddy is dead and she wants a new one.
This is a little concept that I came up with together with the Twitch chat during a stream, it was supposed to be for a short loli comic, but I ended up doing the Hilloli concept instead. I might still elaborate on this though.

I still thought id show you guys the safe for work pinup of her so shes not lost on my harddrive.


You guys know that October is right around the corner – this September Shadbase has officially been a thing now for 5 years, during the 5 years of
maintaining and running the site it has made a lot possible for me in life and there have been a lot of changes.

Next month aka in October there will be another one of those large changes, I will be moving from where I have been staying in the US, east coast Philly, all the way to California on the west coast, the move will be by car so I will be on the road for several days, factor in the packing and the settling in and my absence will be at least a week.
Im going to try and make sure that once the move does happen which will be sometime within the next 3 weeks that Ill have some content ready so my
absence wont be too noticeable. Regardless I thought id let you know some of the stuff that has been happening behind the scenes that has been keeping me busy.

Ill let you know before I leave and will let you know once Im settled in at the new place and where things are going from there.

See you soon with the next post.