Creepy Susie is out for a stroll again in the Graveyard, this one is cursed though.

A little Halloween project Im doing in collaboration with Shmutz, he is sketching the pages while I do the rest.

Unfortunately this will be my last post for I will be leaving to California tomorrow morning, I should be settled in at the new place in a week if all goes according to plan.

Im feeling a bit down that I wont be able to draw or work on anything for that long. But I hope to bring you plenty more after my move is complete.

In case anything important happens I will keep you updated via Twitter. You can follow me there to keep in touch with me, I should be checking it on my phone every now and then.

In the mean time there should be a guest post which I will make active while Im on the road, so you can expect to see that within the next days.

I also re-arranged the archive a bit before I leave, like that some of the more recent posts will be archived correctly next to each-other.