ashIve played through Untill Dawn on Twitch, and had some fun with it. I thought it would be appropriate to do a little drawing of it. Ashley was my favorite girl.

In my play-through, Chris, Ashley, Emily and Mike survived.

Which one did you like best? And who survived in your playthrough?

It was the first game I could properly test the Twitch integration with the new Shadbase layout, and it works really well. So next time you want to catch a stream, you can visit shadbase and tell down below under “Livestream” whether Im live or not. Picartos function still isnt working properly, so Ill still try to figure that one out.

Or you could just follow my Twitch profile here, to catch the next gaming stream. Thinking of doing the Witcher 3 next, not sure yet.

FYI, Ive added some more posts from the Shagbase merger, to the archive, but there still are some missing, such as the old Teen Titans comic, I will be adding soon. In any case, if you want to flip through the Arhive quickly, remember you can use the Arrow keys to click through posts rapidly!

Lastly, I listened to your demands and added the “next in category” buttons, like this you can click through for example, gay content only, or avoid the gay content all together while looking through pages.