Curie the sexy Synth Nurse, in her brand new artificial body.

Yesterday I finally met the famed Curie people were telling me about, shes in the secret area of Vault 81, a very capable battle nurse with an adorable french accent. But she wants a more human body, the mister handy model juts wont fulfill her desires.

If you wanted a pinup of her without the text and hud elements, you can get that here.

Will turn her human(Synth) in the next stream today over on Twitch.

Also on further news, we almost reached 30K followers over on my Twitter! Lets do a final push to get it there, if you havent yet, make sure to follow my Twitter, its the best way to get notified of drawing and gaming streams, new drawings, comics and animations, and other shadbase related stuff, such as fanart and arguments.


I also added a new animation by Zonkpunch into the archive, for those who have been craving more gay content.