Danny started getting a bit bi-curious and started posting some pictures of himself online for guys to see, after getting a lot of attention he started trying different outfits and makeup. After the first meetups with some of his black admirers he became a nymphomaniac cock slut.

Plenty of bonus versions this time.

Which version do you like best?

If you want to edit a custom version with the provided material, feel free to do so. If I find it sexy enough, Ill even include it in the post.

I decided to revisit the “Danny Femtom” theme of sexualizing Danny Fenton.

Theres more of Sissy Danny on the way, which you will see later this week.

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Speaking of Danny Phantom content, Sam Manson is part of the new Poster lineup!

Also… anyone else excited to see the Fallout 4 reaveal (hopefully) today?!