Lady Death with her titts filled to the brim with Souls. A new plague has been keeping her busy.

While we were at the Lady Death subject with some of the recent posts,  TheCon did another amazing sketch of her, we ended up collabirating on.

It might be a while till you see her again on here, but I will try not to make it a year like I did before.

Speaking of Death, Desease and Plagues

I have informed about this on Shadbase before, but in case you havent seen it yet, I will also mention it here:

Now I dont usually do this, but I would like to bring something up completely unrelated to me or my website. This message is for the people in Brazil.

I know its a real longshot, and completely out of character but I would feel guilty if I wouldnt at least try.

There is this girl in Brazil (São Paulo region) I happen to know who has been diagnosed with leukemia back at the 15th of November 2014. She currently does chemo therapy and has only about a month left of life expectancy.

In able to be cured she needs a donor of bone marrow, however in her country its not easy to come by a donor.

I know it seems a bit insane to ask for help on a site like this but her situation is quite tragic, if theres anybody in Brazil willing to try and save her, you could shoot me a email at [email protected] and I could put you in contact with her.

Have a nice day