Its been a while since Ive done any kind of rule34 like this, I know some poeple really dislike these type of directions of imitating simpler styles, but I kind of needed a break from the more complicated stuff just for a day.

I have a few more images I could finish to add to this set if people even like it, but for now Im holding off, cause Im not sure how many people are into this type of thing. Id have enough extra drawings of this set for an entirely new post as well (not just alts), so let me know if youd like to see more like this, or if youd rather me just never revisit this.

Update regarding new comic pages:

So last week, besides the comic page I posted, I was working on the next one and a new pinup, both with higher anatomy detail than Im used to and the comics focus is a theme Ive never drawn before with any amount of anatomy/muscle detail, so towards the weekend after days of working on it, I got kind of burnt out by both and instead spent Sunday drawing something much simpler (no pun intended) to kind of step away mentally from all the body studies.

Ive drawn so many bodies in similar poses last week to try and get it juuust right, just to scrap it and start all over the next day, that can make one want to move on to something else, but sometimes you just need to work on something entirely different and then check back in on the areas that gave you trouble the next day.  Sorry about not being able to get a weekend post done, but I hope this little Monday one makes up for it, ill still try and put out 2 new posts this week not including this one. Things can often times get more complicated and difficult than they actually seem, and instead of rushing it out id rather take my time with the more complicated stuff and try to learn from the mistakes.

Either way thanks for visiting and as a little bonus here are some of the past background sets I made exported without the characters to kind of give you an insight how now every page has its own mood/setting I paint separately. I hope to explore many more new and varied locations with these comics in the near future.