The moment Violet has been waiting for all her life.

Tragedy hit my computer yesterday, the hard drive has always been having small hiccups and slowdowns in the past months, however yesterday it completely gave up on me. Allot of date got corrupted and the entire computer became useless without a functional operating system. Spent the entire Saturday trying to salvage whatever I can. But it takes more than a few lost project files and a busted computer to curb my enthusiasm, I already ordered and payed for a powerful new rig (would have done that anyway since my computer was getting a bit too slow to work with) and thanks to my friend Spazkid I have a backup computer to work with till my new machine gets in.

So I will keep you updated with the regular amount of updates, even if I do have to start from scratch on certain projects. The Double Jinxed comic was the one that got affected the most.

See you with the new page next week!