This time its Meryl after the ending of Metal Gear, getting shot and banged up really got her in the mood to get it on with Snake.

And I threw in a bonus of a ass view from the bathroom scene, they do talk about her butt allot in the game, so I had to show her from the back at least once.

I will be moving on to the next girl of  Metal gear now. I think its obvious who its going to be.

I haven’t gotten trough MGS 2 yet, its really slow and dare I say boring, its hard to play it. Id much rather play Hitman Absolution in my free time. But Ill still force myself trough it, so this series can be more complete.

On a further notice, I might slow down with updates a bit in the coming weeks. No I don’t want to take a holiday break, but I want to get Shadbase 2014 done in time. So in case I wont be posting any new picture for longer than usual, don’t be alarmed, I’m just working on the site.


PS: Magfest is getting closer, who is coming?