I had this concept in my head where Hela’s horns could be useful in a bondage type thing. It worked out better in my head, but I still hope you like my version of Hela.

Shadowmist helped me with the sketching.

Let me know if youd like to see more versions of this, if theres enough demand for it, Ill make a new post tomorrow with some follow up versions (suggest what kind youd want to see, anything goes).

Btw I made a few more changes to the way the site works, it loads differently now, always trial and error, but heres hoping its faster. I removed the slider on the homepage and instead added a constant “archive” button over every page for easy access to the full archive at all times.

Also here are some custom Mercenary’s I drew up during my break from Shadbase, and thanks for helping me reach 300K + followers on Twitter, would have never guessed to get this much attention.