Helen desides to dress up for Halloween once again, we all know how much trouble it got her into last year

This time shes bringing Vi with her, will they both get into trouble this time?

Happy Halloween to all you Americans and people alike who take this holiday seriously.

I most likely will draw an aftermath to this like I did last time, however this will be the last post of this month, since I will be hanging out with some friends tonight.

However will play some annual Scream Fortress 2” later today with my Steam Group for those who want to join.


Hope you enjoyed the “Gothtober” and Rick and Morty theme I have been doing this month, as-well as the usual stray posts, given that this has been the first month with the fusion of Shagbase, I hope I could convince you that content will not slow down by me in any way, Ive still been drawing every day. Also hope you welcome the idea of having more SFM posts animations Shadbase to go along with my themes, cause theres more of those in the works.

As far as November is concerned, there will be some random stuff by me need more of little Wednesday and even a new animation by Nevarky early on,  Im getting stuff out of the way, so I can go full Fallout mode on the 10th, the return of Vault Girl (Yes there will be more comic pages).

Lastly thankyou for the great feedback in my second ever shirt I released this month, its very motivating to know that cool people like you visit Shadbase!

See you in November!


What will you be doing/playing this Halloween?

Also I dont encourage playing with your older sister, regardless how skimpy her costume is!