In the midst of an Infiltrate & Capture mission, Agent Lana Kane gazes upon the muscular hindquarters of a Preakness Stakes Stable Contender. “Y’know…If Kreiger was lying about this prototype Drone control chip being smuggled out of Austria within this stallion’s prostate, they won’t be able to find a molecule of him OR his clones above sea level when I’m done with them.”

She gingerly approaches its hefty rump. She gulps with nervous fear, fretting with disgust that none of the latex gloves in the stable supply cabinet had fit her gigantic Johnny Bench hands. Meaning she lacks the extra layer of dignity protection to undertake her filthy task.

Lana decides that touching the slimy equine shaft barehanded to jerk the beast until it shoots its top secret load is too undignified. Instead, she sidles in and hesitantly cups the huge horse nuts in her palm. She is instantly shocked at their dense weight and the blazing heat coming off of them. If her mind isn’t playing tricks on her from sheer embarrassment, she swears she can even perceive robust, twitchy movement coming from within the mottled grapefruit-sized spheres.

Lana’s equine ballhandling instantly triggers the fully functional stallion to flood the air with male pheromones from his smooth taint, ones so pent-up and potent that the unprotected nostrils of human females are just as vulnerable to their insidious hormonal manipulation as a mare in heat. He’s tamed many mates by his signature stink alone, but never a covert operative. Lana winces as her eyes water, yet she redoubles her resolve. “Well, at least he doesn’t smell any worse than Archer on a bender.”

Three deep breaths later, Agent Kane’s willpower instantly crumbles as she’s hooked and taken over by her new stallion master’s ballscent! Spellbound by the insidious smell wafting off its huge package, she ducks his happily swishing tail and moves intimately closer to this muscular rear end, greedily sniffing the whole time. Lightheaded and dizzy from her new instinctive attraction to this virile stud, she rapidly loses higher thought and any memory of her mission goal.

Lana cuddles facefirst with the stallion’s pucker, stubbing her nose into the velvety brown donut with such eager force that it turns upward, causing her to resemble a chocolate fuckpig who just found its favorite truffle hole. The persuasive stallion stink is only amplified ten times over this close, and she’s breathing her new drug directly from the source. With the trepidation of a faithful worshipper meeting her true God for the first time, she pants, moans and shudders as her steaming pussy mindlessly soaks through the crotch of her little black panties and her ovaries jiggle in giddy anticipation of being bred by a savage animal.

Drooling and sweating profusely, she momentarily pries her nose and lips away from the richly intoxicating horse anus to make a declaration. “Yuuuuuuuuup. Found the objective.”

Short story by Delita, let her know here in the comments what you think of it, and if youd want her to write more for upcoming pictures.

Still planing on doing more fetishy stuff with Lana, but not sure yet what direction exactly.