Here we have the final page of the little project I did in collaboration with Shmutz, I know its a bit of an abrupt end, but originally it was only supposed to be a single picture so 3 whole pages are already far more than planned.

I think Shmutz did a great job on his end of the collab, and I will definitely be collaborating with him again in the future, and if you like his style, he does plenty more sketches like this and you should make sure to catch him on Twitter.

Id also like to take a small moment to adress something:

This little comic made me realize, that the more Shadbase has grown in size and traffic numbers, the more very vocal people come out of the woodworks who care about morality in hentai, this is a bit absurd to me since I’ve always been doing unusual themes with unusual characters and absolute immoral, disgusting themes, not sure where this moral highground is coming from, especially here on Shadbase of all places.

Guess it is a result of not doing this type of stuff enough lately to drive the right people away.

If you’re gonna come here to bitch and complain while playing sjw, you will not change my mind, I have not softened up just because I have become more public. I will absolutely stay true to my roots.

To those who do enjoy the Loud House theme, I will be returning to it with some of the other girls, id especially still like to  do the oldest 2 blondes. But I’m not sure yet if that’s the immediate course of action, since I have some other stuff planned as well, and if you know me I can be very impulsive on what to draw next.

Either way, will be re-arranging the archive again by the end of the week to make way for any potential new themes.

Lets see what September has in store for us.