Mel Jones and Helen Parr run into each-other at the beach and get a little touchy, how awkward for their daughters.

Added a version without the crowd for people who enjoy them being alone.

Added a Speedpaint of this to my Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, earlier this morning I have been banned from Twitch for reasons of “Pornography” even though  I wasnt drawing any nudity, so I will be using my Youtube as my main streaming site for gaming and non nsfw drawings from now on. Hope to see all you Twitch regurlars there.

Im still going to try and fight to get my account back, however regardless if I get it back or not, I will keep drawing stuff to Youtube, cause it seems that Twitch is way too touchy when it comes to girls revealing a little bit of skin.

On the bright side, Im on the latest Sleepy Cabin, so if you want to hear me and Spazkid talk with friends about trivial shit, give it a listen.