Are you afraid of the wicked witch?

Sorry about the delay, most of you saw this Jinx X Jinx incoming by the last page, I wasnt exactly subtle about hinting at it. Yes the Teen Titans storyline and the one of League of Lesbians  are within the same comic.

I will still try and get you 2 new pages this week.


PS: For those still having loading issues with the new server, sorry about that Im working to have it all fixed this week, have already been talking with registrar and host today, I need to transfer my Domains to a more reliable registrar, the one I have now cant take full advantage of the new servers capablities, and sorry for those who have been getting the defaultwebpage.cgi cause of the IP change in the past few days. All these technical difficulties are annoying, but Im sure it will be worth it in the end, I want every last visitor to have a good loading experience.