What, never done a cavity search with your tongue? VI needs to taste her sisters ass for drugs.

I was just teasing with mentioning that I would give Jinx a dick, she wont be a trap in this comic.

But if you’re into traps, you should make sure check Shagbase and keep and eye out on it in the coming weeks, cause the Hedgewhore project will feature allot of traps.

And in case you haven’t noticed already, Spazkid is back and has already started posting stuff on Shagbase.

Also Ive mentioned this before on Shagbase, but  about the commissioned Frankie comic  I announced a few weeks ago, I unfortunately wont be able to keep the pages flowing like I wanted to. I have chosen to work on the pages in the background and start releasing them once I’ve got a decent amount of them finished, the League of Legends comic and other commissions are keeping me too busy.