Vi and Cait are being very  thorough with the search of the little troublemaker. It seems like they wont stop digging till they find something.

Try clicking the button to the top left in order to hear Jinx talk, its all random what you will hear when, so who knows who will hear what.

Gif version can be found here.

We want to make it a reoccurring thing to include a animation to go with every comic I make, like that it will give the comics more depth and flavor. Also you can expect more League of Legends art by Spazkid as well.

Its great to have Spazkid back on the bases, he has allot of great things coming our way.

Also for those who kept asking why Spazkid has been gone for so long, the sick animation he has been working on is up on youtube, and you should go check it out  for yourself:


PS: Note from Shadman: I will be away on a trip till the 30th, so I wont be able to be as active as I usually be in the next few days.