So after all those Velma pinups I figured I should finally actually draw some action with the two, however in order to do an excessive amount of panels with many different poses and expressions with a sort of “plot” and context to tie it all together I simplified the style more a kin to the cartoon show. I chose to do a more sexed up version of the body types from the original, while basing the faces more along the lines of the 2010 mystery inc cartoon and to top it off do the colors more leaning towards the vibrancy of the most recent scoob film trailer. Ill use more detailed anatomy shading when it comes to certain nudity panels ( you can tell the more nuanced shading in the exposed ass shots of this one).

Not sure if you like this approach especially since I’ve mainly been doing the more heavily detailed ones of Velma recently, but either way let me know what you think and any criticism and Ill try and work hard to have another page done before the week ends.