“Uhm, please follow me sir.” He said in his most polite and effeminate voice towards his patient, a sound that surprised even Shadow himself, as he turned around and began walking the path to the patient’s new ward, his well rounded ass, and manhood coming into view of the patient.

The nurse uniform was the worst part, it was tight, skimpy and had no skirt or panties to speak of. They had to force him into it for the first few days…but now it wasn’t without its perks. The fabric felt good against his skin, its satin lengths causing his nipples to harden whenever it brushed against his black fur and it was becoming hard when he put it on to not get erect when in front of hospital staff.

Shadow paused for a moment lost in his thoughts before the the buzzing of the egg within his anus, the small spherical orb jostling against the soft pink flesh of his rectum sending bits of exiting pleasure up his spine, stirred him into a bit of a jump as he began leading his patient to the ward.

Try as he might Shadow could not hide his loins from the patient walking behind him, he could feel the gazes upon the roundness of his buttocks and the soft tightness of his anus.

And as those hungry eyes branding him with a lust he knew all too well since he started working, he started to worry. What was the patient thinking of? Could he see Shadow’s arousal?

If this occurred any longer it would happen again… he would lose all strength and sense, the patient would mount his ass and fuck him senseless.

The only problem in his mind as he began to lead the patient away with all due haste from the prying eyes of his peers was…..it wouldn’t happen soon enough.


My own drawing of “Shady the Nurse”, thankyou to Sorrowborn for providing me with the short story.