Shädgirl designs! First one by Wabaki, second one by me! Why are there suddenly Shädgirls feautred as a post?

Its time to settle on a official Shadgirl for Shadbase, and YOU can help me design the right look for her. Since the last Halloween contest worked out so well, Ive decided to make a bigger contest which lasts more than just a few days and will have cash prizes.

Rules of the Contest:

– Drawings must be finished, no sketches please.

-Girl must have a punky look, and needs “Shadbase” visibly tattooed somewhere on her body.


-Keep her cute and sexy.

You can use these Shadgirls as a example of what kind of design Im looking for, there also have been others in the past like the banner girl or the ancient Forum Shadgirls from 2012.  I might start adding more examples along the road.

The winner gets 300 usd, and my two favourite follow ups receive each 100 usd. Also the winners and some of my other favourite submissions will get a full feautre here on Shadbase, linking to your tumblr or whatever else you want!

You can send in your submissions by either linking them in the comment section here, sending me it via email with the description Shadbase contest, tweet it to me or send me a message on Tumblr linking your Submission, either way try and get it to me, I will showcase the submissions in this Forum Thread!

Deadline is January 1st! 2015, so you got about 2 months, get to drawing!


PS: Let me know if there are any questions in the comments!