Unfortunately I didnt have enough time this weekend to get a new comic page done, here is some random other stuff Ive been working on besides the comic pages this week.

The tittyboy I drew particularly to experiment with lighting/shading to improve the comic visuals. Id like to find different ways to color so I can improve the mood lighting for the comics, give the visuals a more dramatic feel. I also want to start using textures more as I was testing there with the denim, the background and the fish nets. Id like to use textures in a way where it doesnt seem justy lazily slapped on but actually improves the overall feel of the picture, makes it more immersive if that makes sense.

I started 4 new pages this week and am working on too much at once again, but ill update you again soon with a proper new post, see you next week.

Here are some extra safe for work versions, for those who like the alternative outfits: