Helen Parrs daughter being her shy self.

While I was on the subject couldn’t miss the opportunity to draw her, always thought she was cute when I first saw the movie back when it came out.

Also my friend uploaded the animation I did Backgrounds for, so go check that out if youre into animated comedy.

Thanks for all your activity on the site, youve been a great motivation.

And yes I haven’t forgotten about League of Lesbians or Teen Titans, or even the Bloo Panties comic you keep asking about, but Im just a single person, you will have to give me some time, I need a diversity of characters to draw in my life, and there are sooo many cute and sexy ones out there.

Also Spazkid has been working hard on a new animated project which will be uploaded later this month.


EDIT: If you would have preferred a version without piercings but with the stockings or any other combination you can think of, MightyFitz edited a bunch of custom versions again.