Their wedding night is turning into a wedding morning, Elsa has alot of stamina.

I know you were probably expecting a continuation of the Oraline comic, but I decided to do a follow up of Elsa and Annas wedding night instead. Told you Id do more Frozen soon.

Sorry for the wait with this new update, you can blame that on



Ive already been playing it quite a bit, since it came out a few days ago, and I absolutely love it, even the Multiplayer, everything is far superior from the PS3 version I played a while ago.

Really loving the first person perspective and overall performance updates, besides a few visual glitches online and some problems connecting to games now and then its pretty cool.

It has even got me into Streaming on Twitch, which Ive done for the first time yesterday, you can expect me doing that everynow and then, for those interested.


Also my apologies for those expecting more of the Coraline comic pretty soon, Ive been itching to draw some other characters, so Ill be laying off of it for now.

Either way there will be a new update by the weekend.